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The Surplus: Part Two - Rent Seeking Behavior

Oscar and Jim team up with a few other employees to lobby for a new copier. Pam, Stanley and Meredith form a group to lobby for new chairs. Michael is the World’s Best Boss, and also the one who ultimately decides if the $4300 will be spent on new chairs or a new copier. Oscar and Jim waste valuable resources, time that they could spend working, to take Michael out for lunch to convince him they need a new copier. When they get back from lunch, Pam diverts time away from her job and toward chair-seeking efforts. Others go out of their way to open doors for Michael and bring him hot chocolate. All the employees allocate resources in an attempt to “win” the rent. These rent-seeking efforts and expenditures result in negative social value. Thanks to Lizzie Banks, an econ major at the University of Virginia, for suggesting this clip.

Season 5 Episode 10 "The Surplus"

Microeconomic Behavior: Underlying Principles (D01)

Michael Pam Stanley Kelly Jim Oscar Meredith

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